Politics Aren’t Personal..

No one is our enemy except the enemy himself and he has been defeated. Tuesday night i went to sleep with anxiety- for fear of what a Donald Trump presidency would look like for people who look like me, immigrants, refugees, LGBT, women, anyone different. Wednesday I woke up early and I didn’t even need to look- I knew Donald Trump had won the election. As i struggled to process and find out more information about what had happened- I was destroyed by post after post of Christian Trump Supporters mocking and telling people who were sad and at a loss to get over it- the decision had been made. For some people that same response can be seen similarly to telling someone who’s family member just died that they need to get over it- it’s already happened. Because that’s how serious this is for some people. Many times yesterday I fought back tears trying to understand what the future would hold.

Everyone has a different perspective, everyone processes differently, slower, faster, everyone grieves differently. But we can destroy people with our words that are fueled with fear if we don’t think about them first. We are not enemies with each other. Our friends and family members aren’t our enemy. The enemy is our enemy. So Donald Trump is the president elect. So we pray for the man and give Him grace. And ask God to heal people who have been hurt by his words, and to heal any supporters who are attacking others with their words. This is sad day for people who use hate as their ammunition. But for people who use love this is an opportunity for unexpected growth in healing, in the midst of turmoil and confusion.

Politics Aren’t Personal..

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